Management/ Exempt Benefits

The following benefit package is associated with positions classified as Management and/or exempt. Voluntary benefits are marked with an asterisk (*). Voluntary coverage solutions for vision, life, supplemental disability, critical illness and accident are provided through Dearborn National. For additional information on each category, click on the item.

Medical Insurance*

Your health insurance is effective on your start date. You may select from two PPO plan options through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois; both plans offer a network of providers and facilities.  You may also choose from four dependent tiers. The City will contribute a portion of the cost for family dependent coverage based on the Standard Plan rate. Costs for the 2021 plan year are shown per month below:


  • The Standard Plan is an 80/20 PPO. The City covers the full cost of the employee premium for the City’s Standard group health insurance plan.

    • Employee only = no cost

    • Employee + Spouse = $376.90

    • Employee + Child(ren) = $309.74

    • Family coverage = $514.44

  • The Premium Plan is a 100% PPO. The City covers approximately 95% of the cost of the employee Premium plan.

    • Employee only = $31.90

    • Employee + Spouse = $443.90

    • Employee + Child(ren) = $370.38

    • Family coverage = $610.16

Longevity Pay

Years of Employment 


Total Increase Above Base Pay


Basic Life Insurance

The City provides  $20,000 in regular life insurance and $40,000 for Accidental Death & Dismemberment through Dearborn National. Enrollment is automatic and coverage is effective on your start date. 

Term Life and Supplemental Term Life/Accidental Death & Dismemberment:

Supplemental term life coverage provides money for your loved ones in case of your premature death. Employees holding supplemental life insurance are able to increase their amount of coverage up to $225,000 by $10,000 increments per year without additional medical information or questionnaires.


Upon hire and on each eligible anniversary, vacation is advanced for the upcoming year.

  • Start date: 10 days

  • Start of Year 2: 16 days

  • Start of Year 3: 20 days

  • Start of Year 4: 24 days

  • Start of Year 16: 25 day

Exempt Fire Department 24-hour shift personnel:

  • Start date: 5 days

  • Start of Year 2: 8 days

  • Start of Year 3: 10 days

  • Start of Year 4: 12 days

  • Start of Year 20: 13 day

Sick Leave

You will start with 69 hours the first day of employment. After completion of 1 year of service, sick leave will accrue from month to month.  If your balance is less than 300 hours, you will accrue 8 hours per month.

An employee who separates in good standing and is NOT included in the City’s Post-Employment Health Savings Plan (PEHSP) is eligible to receive partial payment for his or her sick leave balance based on years of continuous service, under the following schedule:

   Years of Service             % of Sick Leave Balance
     15 years                                        5%
     20 years                                      15%
     25 years                                      20%
     30 years                                      30%
     35 years                                      40%

Post-Employment Health Savings Plan

When your sick leave balance reaches 300 hours, you will be eligible to deposit part of your sick leave accrual dollar amount into a Retirement Health Savings Account. For more information, see the section on Post-Employment Health Savings Plan on the City Retirement Plans page.

Flexible Spending Accounts*

Retirement benefits are provided by the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) and are a defined benefit plan, which means that once you are vested and eligible to retire, your pension is paid as long as you live. Contributions are made by both the City and the employee. Currently, employees contribute 4.5% of earnings paid and the City contributes 13.02%.

Supplemental Retirement Savings*

This supplemental retirement plan (457 Deferred Compensation Plan through ICMA) is funded through pre-taxed and tax deferred employee contributions.

Voluntary Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance*

Voluntary short-term disability plans pay benefits when sickness or injury prevents you from working full-time. Benefits become payable on the 15th day of an injury or illness, and the maximum benefit period is 11 weeks or until long-term disability begins (whichever is earlier).


Long-term disability insurance offers a way of securing an income while out of work from an accidental injury or unexpected illness.

Critical Illness Insurance and Accident Insurance*

Critical Illness insurance covers serious conditions like cancer, strokes, and heart attacks. Once your claim has been approved, you can use the proceeds however you wish for expenses like medical treatment, daily living assistance, childcare and eldercare, and home repair and maintenance costs.

Accident insurance provides extra money to help cover increased expenses if you suffer an injury due to an accident. The proceeds from your approved claim can be used however you wish--for medical expenses or other needs. Critical Illness and Accident policies are not subject to tax because the premiums are withdrawn post-tax. Premium rates for supplemental life, disability, critical illness are based on age and coverage amounts.


City non-emergency offices observe 10 holidays per year; employees receive 8 hours of regular pay for each holiday. Holidays observed:

  • New Year's Day

  • Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday

  • Spring Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Veteran's Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Friday following Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day

Other Benefits
  • Employee Assistance Program: EAP provides  employees and their families with professional and confidential counseling services at no cost for up to 12 sessions.

  • Credit Union: Urbana Municipal Employees Credit Union offers financial products and services to City employees and their families.

  • And more!

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