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Hiring Process


  • Make sure you meet the minimum qualifications, then complete the online application.

  • Your application will be reviewed to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications of the position. You will receive a follow-up e-mail from Human Resources.

  • Schedule your Candidate Physical Agility Test (CPAT) and Ladder Climb tests as soon as possible. This test is offered in only three locations in Illinois and spots tend to fill up quickly.


  • The test is worth 40% of the total score. Subjects covered typically include mechanical reasoning, basic math, reading and human relations skills.


  • To be on the first eligibility list, you will need to pass both the written test and the Candidate Physical Agility Test (CPAT)/Ladder Climb. For more information on testing locations and related information, see the page on CPAT Information.

  • Applicants on the Preliminary Eligibility List will be invited to interview once the exam passing score is approved by the Urbana Civil Service commission.


The Initial Eligibility List is calculated after interviews. The Initial Eligibility List is based on:

1) Score on the written exam (40% of total score);

2) Passing the CPAT and ladder climb (pass/fail); and

3) Interview (60% of total score). Learn more on how to prepare for your UFD interview.


After the Initial Eligibility List is posted, you can claim your Preference Points. Preference points are given for having certain certificates, licenses, degrees, and community involvement; these are added to your Initial Eligibility List score. The final adjusted scores will be posted on our website and used to determine the order in which candidates will be considered for vacancies.


As vacancies occur, the Fire Chief will conduct interviews with eligible candidates. The selected candidate will receive a conditional offer of employment, and will complete an exam battery consisting of a medical evaluation, a psychological evaluation and a thorough background check.

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Upon successfully completing the exam battery, the candidate will begin training during the next class at the Illinois Fire Service Institute.

Probation lasts 12 months. Upon successfully completing this phase, probationary Firefighters are welcomed into the UFD family as full members.

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