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Open Enrollment 2024

Dental Insurance

Carrier: Delta Dental of Illinois
Customer Service:

1-800-323-1743  |  1-800-526-0844 (TTY)

City of Urbana dental plan members have two plan options: Delta Dental PPO or Delta Dental Premier. When you call your dentist’s office to make an appointment, ask if your dentist participates in either Delta Dental PPO or Premier, depending on your plan. Your out-of-pocket costs will vary depending on whether they participate in Delta Dental PPO, Premier or neither (i.e., “out-of-network”). You will maximize your benefits by receiving care from a Delta Dental PPO network dentist. There are 143,000 Delta Dental PPO and 223,000 Delta Dental Premier dental locations nationwide. Click here to search for a provider in your area.

  • Did You Know? As a City employee, you are eligible for Delta Dental of Illinois’ Enhanced Benefits Program. This program enhances coverage for individuals who have specific health conditions that can be positively affected by additional oral health care. Download the Delta Benefits summary below for more details.


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