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Financial Benefits
items marked with an asterisk (*) are voluntary and available for an additional cost.

General Disability
Short-Term Disability
Long-Term Disability

IMRF Disability

IMRF provides two types of disability benefits: temporary and total/permanent. Temporary disability benefits are effective on the 31st day following the date of disability, as long as you are no longer receiving salary, sick, or vacation pay from your employer. If you are still getting paid, your benefits will begin the day after the last day you were paid.

Total and permanent disability benefits are paid after you have exhausted your temporary benefits. To qualify, you must be totally and permanently disabled and unable to engage in any gainful employment.

Short-Term Disability Coverage - Supplemental

Voluntary short-term disability plans through Dearborn National pay benefits when sickness, injury or other medical condition prevents you from working full-time. Benefits become payable on the 15th day. The maximum benefit period is 11 weeks or until long-term disability begins (whichever is earlier).

Long-Term Disability Coverage - Supplemental

Long term disability coverage through Dearborn National is a convenient, economical way of securing an income while out of work from an unexpected injury or illness. LTD
reduces the burden during these unstable times

Critical Illness Coverage

Accident Coverage


Life/AD&D Coverage - Supplemental


Life Insurance
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